Bryanston Gate Park Renewal

Bryanston Gate Park has been identified for lifecycle renewal in the City’s plans for 2018.  On an annual basis, the City reviews the existing park infrastructure and determines which park structures should be replaced based on a variety of factors. Bryanston Gate Park is located at 23 Alon Street in the Bryanston Gate community of Stittsville.


A concept plan has been prepared and the City is looking forward to hearing from residents on this plan.  The concept includes new structures and playground features to replace the existing structures and adding new, updated play elements to the park. The two bay swing will be updated to include an accessible swing, bucket swing and two belt swings. New accessible wood fibre fall surface (woodchips) will replace sand, meeting CSA standards and making the play structures and swings accessible. An additional asphalt pathway and ramps, bench and litter container will complete the project.


Bryanston Gate Park Concept Plan

The City is encouraging residents to provide their feedback on the proposed plans to the following:


For more information, residents are invited to attend the upcoming Stittsville Parks Information Session on February 8th with an Open House from 6:30-8:45pm with a Presentation at 7pm in Hall A at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex at 1500 Shea Road in Stittsville.


Following the public information session, the plans will be posted on the City’s website in bilingual and accessible formats and an official deadline for the comments will be set.