Bradley-Craig Barn Update

The Bradley-Craig Barn located on Hazeldean Road continues to be a significant landmark of Stittsville. As many of you may be aware, there was a substantial discussion regarding the barn two years ago when the owner, Richcraft Group of Companies, requested permission from the City for the barn to be relocated to Saunders Farm. Permission was granted under the condition that this move had to take place within a 2 year time period. This period will expire at the end of this month, January 2018, and as is evident, the barn has yet to be relocated.


For additional background information on the past discussions regarding the barn relocation, please visit my website here.


I understand that the community is very interested to know what happens next and unfortunately, the City is still awaiting final confirmation from Richcraft. I can confirm that the barn and the farmstead both continue to have a Heritage designation and there are no plans at this time to remove that designation on either building. Richcraft has advised they are currently seeking a tenant for the barn and have provided the following statement:

“Thank you Councillor Qadri for giving Richcraft the opportunity to report on the state of the barn. And for your constituents who fought so hard for this barn and its future, the news is good. We are not only keeping the barn in its current location and ensuring the structure remains dry, stable and intact; we are continuing our maintenance of the building in order to support our active marketing for a future tenant. We are currently working with a local architect on plans to retrofit the barn where it sits for a suitable commercial use.” – Kevin Yemm, Richcraft Group of Companies


I am hopeful that Richcraft is able to secure a tenant that will complement the history of the barn and provide an opportunity for the structure to be a well-used feature of the community. When a tenant is confirmed and services are available, Richcraft will then develop plans for the building. A formal site plan will be required if there is any change in the existing use. The community would be notified of the site plan process by the posting of a city sign on site as well as the application being posted on the City’s Development Application website, and I would also notify the community though my eNewsletter. In addition, for any modifications to a heritage building to take place, there would be a requirement for the owner to submit an application to alter a heritage building. For large alterations and files of community interest, an application to alter a heritage building would be brought to Built Heritage Sub-Committee, Planning Committee and City Council for approval.


I have been in regular discussions with Richcraft regarding the enforcement of the barn’s heritage designation and they have assured me that the building will be successfully integrated into the overall site; however, these plans continue to remain confidential until a formal application is filed.


I am aware that there are community concerns, which I share, with respect to the current condition of the barn and this is also currently under review through enforcement of the Property Standards By-law. I have expressed these concerns with Richcraft and have requested they undertake additional work on the site after the winter. Richcraft assures me that the current condition of the barn is ‘stable’ and they are working with Property Standards to complete repairs and continue to monitor and maintain the barn as an asset.

I look forward to working with Richcraft further on this file and hope to see a great use of the barn in Stittsville.