Home takeovers workshops available


Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) has partnered with the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities to tackle the issue of home takeovers.  If you would like to book a workshop for your staff, your clients or your community, please contact hometakeovers@gmail.com. The free workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your agency or community.


CPO has also created a number of resources available to you, including:

Each video highlights a different kind of home takeover including those related to general isolation, developmental disabilities, addictions, youth, gangs and older adults.


The home takeovers guidebook is available to service providers for strategies around how to manage these complex situations. It includes suggestions for prevention, identification, intervention and aftercare. All the videos are available on YouTube.


For copies of any of the home takeovers printed materials, or to book a presentation or workshop, email hometakeovers@gmail.com. You can also download a print-ready copy of the guidebook.


I highly encourage all residents to consider learning more about protecting themselves, their homes, and their families through these great resources courtesy of CPO.