Future School Sites in Stittsville


Last week our community received the great news of the provincial government announcing funding for a public high school in Stittsville.  I have seen a lot of discussion on social media and I know residents have many questions.  The Ottawa Carleton District School Board will address information regarding how this will effect other existing schools and boundaries as the plans for this school progress.


I am able to share information about other potential schools sites currently identified in Stittsville.  Through the development process, school boards can request land for new schools.  The sites are typically reserved for the school board for 7 years from the date of registration of the subdivision. If the original school board does not require the site, it is then be offered other school boards.  If there is no school board interested or able to purchase the property, then the land is returned to the developer and they can submit an application to develop the property for residential uses.


Funding for new schools is provided through the Provincial government.  Typically, funding is not provided unless it can be demonstrated that existing schools no longer have the capacity to accommodate all the students, and that the new school will be substantially full (at or close to capacity) within a year or so of opening.  The school boards have their own enrollment boundaries for schools, which is decided by those boards.


Below is information that I have on some of the school sites in Stittsville.  If you would like further information on potential funding for new schools or school boundaries, I encourage you to contact the school trustees listed below for the appropriate board.


  • Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) – Trustee Lynn Scott scott@ocdsb.ca
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) – Trustee John Curry Curry@ocsb.ca
  • Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) Trustee Linda Savard savard@cepeo.on.ca
  • Conseil des écoles catholiques de Centre-Est (CECCE) – Trustee André Thibodeau thibodeaua@ecolecatholique.ca

Fernbank Community Design Plan school sites

There were a number of potential school sites identified through the Fernbank Community Design Plan, these locations are shown on the demonstration plan .  There are 8 elementary school sites in total as well as high school/secondary school sites including the above-mentioned OCDSB high school site, an OCSB site and the existing CECCE school, école secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais on Abbott St East.


Fairwinds West / Poole Creek Village

The OCDSB has expressed interest in having an elementary school in this subdivision located on the north side of Rosehill Drive between Santolina and Warmstone.  There are two parcels of land making up this site, and consequently, the OCDSB has two option-to-purchase agreements made in 2015, for 7 years, ending in February and December 2022.


Fairwinds North

The OCSB has purchased the property for an elementary school located in the development north of Maple Grove Road and west of Huntmar Drive.  There is no definite timeline for a school at the Fairwinds site as there has to be a student population from that school’s proposed catchment area that is large enough to justify the construction of the new school.


Additional Public High School sites

In addition to the site identified in the Fernbank community, the OCDSB has indicated they are also interested in a site in the 195 Huntmar development near Canadian Tire Centre.  In the long term, the OCDSB has determined there will be a need for both sites in the area as well as another high school site in Kanata North in the KNL lands.  Once these development are registered (after all approvals), then the school board has 7 years to purchase the site or then it is returned to the developer.  This 7 year timeframe as not started for any of the above mentioned sites.