Planning Committee Items of Interest

On January 23, the City’s Planning Committee will consider the following items in or around Stittsville.


Agreement with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for works in the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed



Delegated authority is sought to enter into a financial agreement with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority to undertake work related to the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed. When Porter Place subdivision in Stittsville was approved by Council, the developer agreed to contribute financially toward the protection of the watershed, in accordance with a 2000 study of the watershed.


For additional information on this agreement, please visit here and review the report.



Zoning By-law Amendment – 737 Silver Seven Road and 15 Frank Nighbor Place



Approval is sought to rezone 737 Silver Seven Road and 15 Frank Nighbor Place to permit 10 additional uses. The site is under construction with one of four buildings completed. The amendment would permit these uses: animal care establishment, animal hospital, amusement centre, catering establishment, convenience store, instructional facility, place of worship, retail store, retail food store and small batch brewery.


Part Lot Control and Road Opening Applications – Part of 300 Goulbourn Forced Road



Within the Kanata subdivision planned at 300 Goulbourn Forced Road, the developer, KNL Developments, has planned a street network that would bring Solandt Drive to a place where it could eventually cross an existing railway corridor.


For more information, you can view the meeting agenda and access all the reports here.