Amended Blue Box Program Plan


In November 2016, the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) repealed and replaced the Waste Diversion Act with the Waste-Free Ontario Act (which includes the Waste Diversion Transition Act and the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act).
This is an important piece of legislation affecting how municipalities handle waste management.


Presently, the cost to run programs for collecting and recycling paper products and packaging is split 50/50 between municipalities and the companies that produce these items. The new legislation will transfer to full producer responsibility.

This week, the Municipal 3Rs Collaborative submitted comments on the draft amended Blue Box Program Plan (a-BBPP).


These documents and additional information on the a-BBPP are available at the following link on AMO’s website:


I feel that this is an important step forward in creating a sustainable municipality. As such, I highly encourage residents to take some time to review the background on the project as it moves forward in the comments period.