A Sad Farewell to Our Community Newspaper


At the end of November, our village received the sad news that a longstanding and valued member of our community would soon be leaving us: the Stittsville News. This paper has been an important part of our lives for over 60 years, publishing its first-ever four-page issue on December 12th, 1957.

Since 1975, the distribution of the weekly community-focused newspaper was overseen by the guidance and expertise of editor-in-chief, John Curry, with support and involvement of his mother, sister, and nephew who each helped to maintain the circulation lists and produce the addressed paper bags in which the paper was originally mailed to subscribers. Throughout the years, other notable local residents became involved with the paper such as the late Barb Fairbrother who handled office duties for almost 20 years.


Rarely an event went by in Stittsville or Goulbourn that was not covered and photographed by John Brummell. Mr. Brummell, a good friend of Mr. Curry’s, came on the team originally as a volunteer back in 1993 to later retire from the paper just last year.

As a paper focusing on local news, these journalists always represented the community by highlighting the names of individuals in all photographs – helping to make even the most bashful of us, local celebrities – and creating a link for future residents to connect with their past.

It was through the support and dedication of this team and that of the community and its many groups and organizations that the Stittsville News became a household name.

The Stittsville News has been an integral part of our community’s history; from documenting community announcements to promoting and sharing the accomplishments of our individuals and our families, the paper has kept us informed and updated on matters that affect us from both the local and City perspective while always providing our morning rituals with an uplifting local story.

In a time of fast growing technology and social media advancement, let us not forget the wholesomeness and the grass roots of the local community paper; a paper that touched many of our lives; a paper whose clippings are tucked away in between the pages of parents’ scrapbooks celebrating their children’s accomplishments or special announcements. Although today’s electronic medium may provide the same information, it will never be able to match the intimate storytelling of a physical paper in hand. However, the memories our local paper has provided will always hold a special place in our hearts. For this, I thank John Curry and John Brummell along with all those both past and present who have been a part of the making of the Stittsville News a memorable part of our community history that will most certainly be missed and fondly treasured for many years to come.