CRT Lands Blasting


I have heard from some residents concerned with the blasting being done in the Fernbank area for the CRT subdivision development. The development is located at 5786 Fernbank Road and for additional information on the development plans, please visit here. The property for this development is located west of Robert Grant Avenue, north of Fernbank and south of Abbott Street.


I did provide an update to residents in October regarding this blasting, which you can find here.   Given the recent concerns by residents, I did follow up with the blasting company, DST Consulting Engineers, as well as City staff regarding concerns from residents.


DST Consulting Engineers has provided the below blasting schedule:

  • Blasting operations will cease for the Christmas holidays on December 23, 2017.
  • Blasting operations will commence on January 2, 2018, and shall continue through mid to end of January 2018.


If residents have concerns with the blasting operations, they may contact Anas Saleh, Project Manager, DST Consulting Engineers Inc. 613-748-1415 ext 238 or .  If residents are concerned with damage to their properties due to the blasting, they can contact the above individual or submit a claim through the City.  For more information on the City’s claim process, please visit here.