Carp/Hazeldean Traffic Light Survey Results


For the last several weeks, I have been conducting a survey for residents through my website to vote on their preference for potential advance green light options at the intersection of Carp and Hazeldean.

For some time, residents have been reaching out to my office regarding these lights, requesting that advance left turning lights be installed travelling Eastbound on Hazeldean onto Carp (North toward the 417) and Northbound on Carp onto Hazeldean (West). Previous information has been shared in my newsletter on this intersection which you can review here and here.

The survey was conducted in order to revisit the matter with Traffic staff so that a better understanding of residents’ views on the intersection could be communicated with real numbers and comments in an approachable manner.

The results have been shared with Traffic staff and we will continue to use this information into the new year to assess what options can feasibly be installed at the busy intersection to help accommodate the flow of traffic.



In total, 747 votes were collected over a period of three and a half weeks. As can be seen through these results, an impressive 78.85 % of residents voted in support of a Northbound Carp Advance Left to run simultaneous with the Existing Southbound Advance Left, with 61.85% of residents in support of an Eastbound Hazeldean Advance Left. 5.89% of residents did not support either option.

I also collected a number of comments from residents throughout the survey which I have, in turn, shared with Traffic staff.

It is clear from these results that most residents support changes at this intersection. With these results, it is my hope that Traffic staff will be able to better understand the needs and concerns that the residents who use this intersection everyday feel regarding its safety and ease of use.

Please note that if implemented, the additional turning movement will affect timing for other directions.

I would like to thank all residents who took the time to share their thoughts on this item. As the new year approaches, I look forward to reviewing the results more thoroughly with staff to work toward whatever changes can be made. Updates will be shared in my electronic newsletter as I receive them.