John Street (Johnwoods) Sanitary Pumping Station Decommissioning Project

The John Street Pumping Station located at 53 Mika Street is scheduled for decommissioning in 2019. With the expected completion of the Kanata West Pumping Station in early 2018, John Street Pumping Station, along with four other pumping stations in the west end of Ottawa are scheduled to be replaced with bypass sanitary sewers and decommissioned.


Part of the project involves installing a new 250-millimetre sanitary bypass sewer along Johnwoods Street between Maple Grove Road and John Street Sanitary Pump Station, connecting on Mika Street. Given the current construction status of Johnwoods Street between Maple Grove Road and Rosehill Avenue, staff is requesting Council permission to enter into a third party infrastructure agreement with Mattamy Homes for the detailed design, tender and construction of the 250‑millimetre by-pass gravity sanitary sewer so that it may be combined and coordinated with the Johnwoods Street conversion project.

Combining the two projects will avoid duplication of work and throw away costs which would otherwise be incurred if the multi-use pathway project was to proceed in advance of the sanitary bypass sewer. The removal of a section of the newly constructed multi-use pathway would then be required to allow the construction of the bypass sanitary sewer. Combining the two projects will also minimize the amount of construction related disruption for the adjacent residents. The actual decommissioning of the station will not be part of this agreement. Once the City receives Committee and Council approval and Mattamy tenders the project, we will be able to provide further update on timing and any impact on adjacent residents.


A 3rd party infrastructure agreement report will be coming to Planning Committee on December 12th and Council on December 13th for delegated authority and is now available on the City website here.


I am supportive of this agreement and am pleased the City and Mattamy have been able to work together on this portion of the project.  I had advised the City that this was very important to have done now to ensure there will no further construction disruption to the neighbourhoods for this connection that would be required.