Huntmar / Maple Grove Intersection Update

The City’s Traffic and Infrastructure staff are working on a new design for the intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove.

The scope of this project includes:

  • Addition of left turn auxiliary lanes and right turn lanes to address capacity requirements for peak traffic volumes;
  • Accommodation of Cyclists;
  • Urbanization of the west side of Huntmar including concrete sidewalk and capture of stormwater runoff (extending approximately 280m north of Maple Grove);
  • Traffic Signal Modifications;
  • Street Lighting Modifications; and
  • Reinstatement of landscaping.

This location is being funded through the new traffic control signal program. The construction timeline for this device is tentative pending budget availability. Presently 19 locations meet the necessary warrants for a traffic signal and the estimated cost to signalize all locations would be $35 million. Presently staff are working with an annual budget of approximately $2.4 million.


Locations are prioritized and ranked based on collision history, traffic volume, delay, existing intersection control, and operating speeds. Unfortunately, based on budget and ranking, Maple Grove and Huntmar was below the cut off line in 2018. However, once the detailed design is complete this will help to prioritize this intersection against new proposals for future rankings.


In the meantime, I have been in communications with Traffic staff and am happy to share that staff is able to install a permanent traffic camera at this intersection. This will allow the City to monitor traffic flows in real time and make adjustments to signal timing plans to minimize congestion at the intersection. Expect this to be installed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.


More information will be shared in my newsletter as I receive it.