6591 Fernbank Cell Tower


A Cellular Tower is currently being proposed for 6591 Fernbank by Shared Network Canada. This tower will provide service for multiple internet providers.


Although this proposal is not within the boundary of Ward 6, some residents have reached out to me with concern regarding the consultation process. I have been advised by the City’s Planning Department that this application is not subject to the City’s public consultation process. Public consultation is undertaken by the applicant and takes the form of circulating owners within 210 metres of the tower’s location (3x the towers height), notifying local leadership such as the Ward Councillor (in this case, Ward 21 Councillor Scott Moffatt), MP, MPP, and community associations, as well as posting an ad in the local newspaper.


For more information on this tower, please view the Application Summary and Site Plan.


Additional questions can be directed to:

Natalie Persaud

Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department

613-580-2424 ext. 12681