Neil Ave Closed for Construction Until December 1st

Please note that as a continuation of the construction work on the Hazeldean Gardens retirement residence, Neil Ave will remain closed until December 1st. Pedestrian and local traffic will be maintained as well as access to all adjacent dwellings.


Construction has now moved out of the Stittsville Main and Hazeldean intersection and will now commence by the sidewalk of Stittsville Main toward Neil Ave. The most recent estimated date for all work to be complete is 3-4 more weeks.


I have confirmed that the construction work along the shoulder of Stittsville Main will not interfere with floats turning from Hazeldean to access the Parade of Lights on December 2nd.  If a crew is working that Saturday, work will be shut down in time to remove any traffic pylons so as to permit normal traffic flow in both directions along Stittsville Main.


Thank you for your patience.


For more information on this work, please click here.