Johnwoods Closure Update

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This week Johnwoods Street was closed between Rosehill and Maple Grove.  Residents are strongly encouraged to avoid this area and only use the area for local traffic.

I am aware that residents in the surrounding areas have experienced additional traffic on their residential streets following the closure.  This is no longer a direct route for drivers to access Highway 417 and over time this should become apparent to drivers and they should seek alternate direct routes.

There has been large variable messaging lit up signs on Hazeldean/Johnwoods, Huntmar/Maple Grove, Maple Grove/Johnwoods and Johnwoods/Rosehill advising drivers that Johnwoods is closed and to use Huntmar instead.  I have also requested the messaging sign at the Maple Grove/Johnwoods be moved further east, closer to Warmstone to provide advance warning to drivers.

At my request, and due to input from some residents, another messaging sign was placed on Huntmar north of Maple Grove to also advise drivers the road is closed and to use Huntmar.  In addition, ‘local traffic only’ signs were placed at Alon and Maple Grove near Santolina.  I requested this additional signage specifically knowing there was an Ottawa Senator home game last night.  I also requested Ottawa Police Services to assist in directing traffic to use Huntmar last night as well.

I am aware that there were reports of OC Transpo busses traveling through some streets which they should not be, and this is being resolved.  The developers for Fairwinds West and Poole Creek Village have also been reminded again to ensure that all of their construction equipment and contractors do not use existing neighbourhood.  Traffic counts are also being taken in the communities surrounding Johnwoods and these results will be made available to the community through my eNewsletter.