Richcraft Homes Zoning Approved for development at 1620 and 1636 Maple Grove Road

This week at City Council the zoning application for the Richcraft Homes development at 1620 and 1636 Maple Grove Road was approved. This site is located south of Maple Grove Road, west of the Carp River and north of the Grant Shopping Plaza (Lowes).


The zoning amendment they submitted is to permit a residential subdivision for proposes 945 units that include a mix of single-detached, townhouses, back-to-back townhouses, stacked townhouses and low-rise apartments. A school, a commercial block and three parks are proposed.  A holding symbol on a portion of the land along the Carp River can only be lifted once conditions related to Carp River restoration works have been met. The lands will be rezoned but the holding provision will be carried forward until conditions are met.


Planning Committee Zoning Report

Plan of Subdivision


The development applications for this site were submitted in 2004 and public consultation was undertaken during that time. There was a concern expressed by some in the community that there was not adequate time for the community to provide comments on the zoning application.  Concerned residents requested the item be deferred to the following Planning Committee and given the concerns I did put a motion forward requesting a deferral.  However, my motion was not supported by the committee and the committee approved the zoning application with my dissention on the report.  I also dissented on the report at City Council where it was approved.