Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day Reflections


It is once again the time of year where red poppies are worn proudly upon the hearts of Canadians everywhere. Of course, it is Remembrance Day.

It is a sad time but a time that also harkens feelings of joy, of nostalgia, and of respect toward the veterans of this incredible country who have devoted their lives in service to this land, its people, and what we stand for.

“Lest we forget.”

The term “Remembrance Day” as it is presently known was first coined in 1931 – 86 years ago. It has now been 72 years since the end of the last world war and those who lived to witness the atrocities committed are becoming fewer and fewer.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we look back to our history to learn from the past and honour the noble sacrifices made by our veterans in order to build a better future for us and our children.

On November 11th, Canadians will come together – whether it be at home, at work, or at an organized memorial site – in a moment of silence to remember the sentiments behind these sacrifices.

I encourage all residents and all citizens of our nation to take the time out of their busy lives to stand together in a silent moment of reflection to remember the heroes of our past who have fought for our rights and freedoms, the heroes of our present who are still fighting to keep us at peace, and the heroes of tomorrow who aspire to creating a world in which fighting is no longer necessary.

I invite all residents to join me tomorrow at the Stittsville Cenotaph following the Remembrance Day Parade organized by the Stittsville Legion.

Participants will line up at the Stittsville Legion at 1:30 and leave at 1:45, marching up to the Cenotaph by the Johnny Leroux Arena (10 Warner-Colpitts Ln).

Afterwards at approximately 2:45, all attendees are invited back to the Legion (1480 Stittsville Main St) for food and live music as we acknowledge our brave veterans who have fought and are still fighting for our country.

Thank you, and please remember to wear your poppy in support.