Draft Budget 2018


This week at City Council, a draft budget for 2018 was tabled for consideration. The draft provides a balanced, affordable and progressive future for Ottawa. For the fifth year in a row, the proposed increase in City of Ottawa property taxes is at two per cent or less.


Among the Stittsville items, I am thrilled to share that funding has been included in the draft budget for playground renewal features at Bryanston Gate Park and Amberway Park! More information on these park renewals will be made available on my website and through my electronic newsletter as they come.


Other items of interest include:

Parks and Facilities Planning

  • $127,000 for Hazeldean Gardens older adult improvements – Design & Construction
  • $577,000 for Minto Potter’s Key – Park 1 Development – Design & Construction
  • $639,000 for Stittsville South Cavanagh Park Development – Design & Construction
  • $394,000 for Stittsville South Regional Park Development – Design & Construction


Transportation Planning

  • $3,050,000 for intersection control measures at the following locations:

o Stittsville Main Street and West Ridge Drive. Investment also applicable to ward 21

o Terry Fox Drive and Abbott Street. Investment also applicable to ward 23

o Terry Fox Drive and Westphalian Avenue. Investment also applicable to ward 23

o Fernbank Road and Robert Grant Avenue. Investment also applicable to ward 21


Traffic Services

  • $60,000 Street Lighting Major Replacements – Hydro Pole replacement Shea Road (2018)
  • $40,000 per year for Strategic Initiatives – Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program: Locations determined annually with ward Councillor (2018)
  • $3,500 – $40,000 per year to install PXO at 1 feasible location (if identified). Location to be determined. The cost of the PXO will depend on the type of PXO to be installed (B, C or D) (2018)


Planning Infrastructure and Economic Development

Road Resurfacing – approx. $340,000, highlights: (From: To)

  • Liard St: from Fernbank Rd to Stittsville Main St


Parks and Buildings – approx. $330,000, highlights (Location: Scope of Work)

  • Bryanston Gate Park Playground – Replace senior play structure and play equipment
  • Johnny Leroux Arena – Install handrails in arena stands


A full list of Stittsville-related highlights and recently completed projects can be found on my website here. To view all available chapters of the Draft Budget, please click here.
As always, I encourage residents to share with me any thoughts regarding the budget before it is discussed at Council Wednesday, December 13th. Please email me at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca with CC to budget@ottawa.ca to share your comments.