Fairwinds Winter Parking Pilot Project Update


As many of you are aware, my office has been working with the Transportation Department, the Fairwinds Community Association and Fairwinds residents regarding a winter parking pilot project.


The pilot project for this winter season has been finalized and you can review the map here. For additional information on this project please view previous community updates which includes a Frequently Asked Questions document.


As noted, this will be a pilot project for this winter season and in the Spring we will review the project with the community and will be open to recommendations for changes for the future.  The signage should be installed by December 1st and the parking restrictions will be in affect from December 1st to March 30th.


There have been some changes made to the plan based on feedback from the community.  Below is a summary of those changes.


  • The following streets were removed from the pilot project for this year either at the request of residents on the street or due to the fact that we received no feedback from that street either in support or against the proposed parking restrictions: Burnaby, Grenadine, Kohilo, Mistral, Shawondasee, and Sedgebrook.
  • The following street have the parking restrictions moved to the other side of the street due to resident requests: Aquilo, Etesian (north section), Maloja (portions switched), Pampero, Par-La-ville (portions changed and added), Rosehill (Huntmar to Maple grove) and Tempest (reviewed on-site and portions changed).
  • At the recommendation by residents at the public meeting changes have been made to Leveche to restrict parking at all times on the street, on Leveche south of Maple Grove parking is restricted on the west side, and north of Maple Grove parking will be restricted on the east side.


We did receive requests for more streets to be included and this can be considered in the future.  This is already an aggressive plan, with the number of streets proposed, there will be a need for approximately 95 signs. This will be the largest pilot of this type that the City has undertaken; there was a similar successful pilot in Barrhaven with only five streets. There was an interest to concentrate the pilot in the areas north and south of Maple Grove.


I would like to thank the Fairwinds Community Association and residents for their feedback on this project.