Parks Development Manual Update


This week Planning Committee approved the report for the second edition of the City’s Park Development Manual. The update is needed to better reflect the park development funding processes outlined in the Development Charges By-law and the Official Plan whereby developers can build parks on behalf of the City in lieu of paying development charges.


I am pleased to see these changes to the manual as they have allowed for parks to be built faster in new communities. In the past in Stittsville, there have been situations that we have struggled to have new parks built and now we can see in new developments in Stittsville that they have neighbourhood parks built as part of the beginning phases of the developments.


Further changes stem from the Building Better Smarter Suburbs initiative, and involve two new types of park being added to the manual: urban parkettes/plazas and woodland parks. Urban parkettes/plazas are small parks in strategic locations that support walkability in new suburban communities while woodland parks help retain more trees.