Blackstone Community Park Update


I have recently received inquiries from residents regarding the Community Park to be constructed in the Blackstone Subdivision.   The large community park in Blackstone will be 3.25 hectares (8 acres +/-) and will service a large area of the Fernbank community and will be located southwest of the intersection of Rouncey Road and Groningen Street.

The park will be constructed by the developers working with the City of Ottawa and the trigger for the park to be built is 50% of the building permits for the area it services. The developer has advised that they aim to start construction in 2018.


As with any new park, there is an opportunity for public comment on the park features.  A plan is in the process of being developed and then it will be circulated to the community for their comments.  The public will be able to comment on the type of park features to have in the park.  At this time the following amenities are being considered however please note these could still change: double tennis court; intermediate and full size soccer field; small skate park, puddle rink, splash pad, parking lot and shade shelter.


It was brought to my attention that one of the developers was sharing the Fit Plan for the park at their sales office, however this is not the final plan and should not have been shared at this time to the public.


For more information on the park development process please view the following image from page 50 of the City’s Park Development Manual (2nd Edition) the outlining the steps involved in designing and building a new park.