Liard Speed Humps

Yesterday, October 19th, I was happy to introduce a speed hump pilot project on Liard Street in an effort to deter speeding and promote community safety.

Speeding is an issue that I take very seriously. Liard St is one area that residents have expressed concern over for quite some time and many residents have specifically requested that speedbumps be implemented.

However, speedbumps often come with unwanted side effects including uneven snow plowing over the wintertime and additional obstacles for emergency vehicles such as firetrucks. Some streets in Stittsville do have permanent speedbump installations and over the years, many residents have approached me with request for their removal.

As a result, Transportation staff do not typically recommend the installation of speedbumps, however, given the large demand for additional measures on Liard, I was able to work with staff on the implementation of a unique temporary speed hump pilot project.


Liard Street was selected as an appropriate location to pilot the temporary speed humps as it is going to be resurfaced within the next year or two. After this time, staff will be able to assess their utility and either move ahead with a permanent installation or remove the humps during resurfacing. Given the long term damage caused by the mechanism used to bolt down the hump, these devices are not installed on all roadways.


I am interested in how the results of this project will pan out. If successful, I am open to exploring the potential this project may provide to other similar streets with severe speeding concerns.


If residents are concerned with speeding on their streets, it is very important that they report speeding directly to the Police.  The more reports made to the Police highlight the area as a concern and officers can be deployed to the area. This also assists my office as I am also able to review the number of reports made for a particular street.  You can report online here –