Planning Committee Stittsville Items

On October 10th the City’s Planning Committee will be considering two planning applications in Stittsville.   Please see the below information on these items and for additional information I encourage you to review the full reports which are available here .


Zoning By-law Amendment – 5960 Fernbank Road

  • The property is municipally known as 5960 Fernbank Road and is located southwest of the intersection of Fernbank Road and Shea Road at the southeastern edge of the community of Stittsville. The site is located within the urban area and is designated as General Urban Area and Developing Community (Expansion Area) under the City of Ottawa Official Plan.
  • The site is approximately 2.77 hectares in size and has approximately 204 metres of frontage along Fernbank Road and 161 metres of frontage along Shea Road. The site is currently vacant with minimal tree coverage and existing hydro towers and lines bisect the property.
  • The site is currently zoned Rural Countryside Zone. The application proposes to rezone the property from Rural Countryside Zone (RU) to General Mixed Use Zone (GM) in order to permit future commercial development consisting of a grocery store, two retail stores and a restaurant. The GM Zone will permit the proposed grocery store, retail and restaurant uses, as well as other commercial, residential and institutional uses.
  • For more information on the site plan please visit my website here.


Zoning By-law Amendment – Part of 5831 Hazeldean Road

  • The site is located in the southerly portion of the Poole Creek Village subdivision between Hazeldean Road and Rosehill Avenue, west of the Poole Creek corridor. The Plan of Subdivision received Draft Approval in 2012 and the first two phases are under construction. The lands are in the third and final phase. The land proposed to be rezoned are approximately 0.25 hectares in size and are currently vacant. The lands north of Rosehill Avenue are occupied by a mix of detached and townhouse dwellings, while the lands immediately to the north and west of the site will be developed as the third phase of the subdivision. Lands to the east are within the portion of the Poole Creek corridor being dedicated to the City through the subdivision. Lands to the south are occupied by a used automobile sales operation.
  • The site is currently zoned Parks and Open Space (O1), and forms part of the lands within the Poole Creek corridor. The applicant has requested that the site be rezoned to Residential Third Density Zone Subzone Z Exception 2017, holding provision, (R3Z[2017]-h) to permit residential development. The R3 Zone permits detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, while Subzone Z establishes zoning provisions for minimum lot width, area, coverage, setbacks, and maximum building height. Exception 2017 denotes a holding provision that prohibits all uses until it has been demonstrated that the existing infrastructure has the necessary capacity to allow for development of the subject lands.
  • Rezoning the subject parcel would allow for a slight realignment of one street (Vivera Place) and the reconfiguration of a few lots adjacent to the creek corridor. Three residential lots would be created within the area currently zoned O1.
  • The Maple Grove Co-Tenancy subdivision now known as Poole Creek Village received draft approval in 2012. At the time of the original zoning by-law amendment for the subdivision in 2013, the subject lands were affected by the floodplain overlay for Poole Creek and were therefore zoned O1 because development within the floodplain is not permitted.
  • In 2016, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and the City updated floodplain mapping for a number of creeks and rivers within the City boundaries. Council approved these updates on May 11, 2016, resulting in amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law. Through this process, the Poole Creek floodplain overlay was removed from the subject site, resulting in additional lands being available for development. The floodplain had been the most restrictive setback for the limit of development to the west of the Poole Creek corridor.
  • For additional information please review the zoning report on the agenda and you may wish to visit information on my website here.


Residents are welcome to attend the meeting or can listen live through the City’s website.  The meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 10th at 9:30am in Champlain Room at City Hall.  Residents can also submit comments to my office and to the Committee Coordinator Melody Duffenais at 613-580-2424 x20113 or