Fernbank Lands CRT Development Tree Removal & Blasting

I have received notice from the City that the developers of the CRT lands in the Fernbank community are undertaking blasting and tree clearing as part of their development. The development is located at 5786 Fernbank Road and for additional information on the development plans please visit here.
The property for this development is located west of Robert Grant Avenue, north of Fernbank and south of Abbott Street.


The draft approved plan of subdivision contains the following:

  • 523 lots
  • 25 blocks for attached and stacked dwellings (approximately 300-350 units)
  • One Community Park
  • One Neighbourhood Park
  • Two blocks for stormwater management
  • Two blocks for schools: one secondary (OCDSB) and one elementary (CEPEO)
  • One block: Hydro corridor


Tree Removal Information

A tree permit has been approved as part of the CRT subdivision application. Tree protection fencing is up and has been inspected by the City.


Blasting Information

I have received notice that blasting will be underway in the Fernbank area for subdivision construction.  Residents within 150 meters of the site will be receiving a blasting notification letter, and residents that are within 75 meters of the site will also receive a letter offering a pre-blast survey of their homes.


If residents have concerns with the blasting, please feel free to contact my office and you may also contact the following staff with the contractor DST Consulting Engineers:

·        For after business hours, please contact Anas Saleh at 613.219.3728 or asaleh@dstgroup.com.