Sidewalk and Transit Facility Improvements – West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to West Ridge Birchland Park

As a result of concerns raised by my office on behalf of residents, the City of Ottawa will be building a new sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to approximately 90 meters north of Birchland Crescent along the West Ridge Birchland Park.

The construction of the new sidewalk is to provide a pedestrian connection where there is currently a missing link between the existing sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive and the existing West Ridge Birchland Park pathway. In addition to this, a pedestrian crosswalk across West Ridge at Birchland Crescent will be installed to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing at this location.

Construction is expected to start in October 2017.

I would like to thank all residents who have reached out to me expressing concern for this missing area of sidewalk. While the City’s sidewalk program does have requirements that must be met to prioritize areas across the City to constitute new sidewalks and the completion of existing sidewalks, I did feel as though this area was in urgent need and I am thrilled that this process will be moving forward.