Looking to Get Involved in Your Community? Meet Faya


There’s a cute little critter now roaming the internet who’s helping residents find opportunities to get involved in their communities. Meet Faya: a learning civic engagement chatbot.


Faya recommends local campaigns, events and activities to do through Facebook Messenger. She’s easy to work with, no login necessary and does her best to make civic engagement fun. While she’s designed for Millennials, Faya is a friend to people of all ages.


Now, in partnership with the City’s Innovation Pilot Program, Faya and her local startup company, MC2, begins her first official pilot right here in Ottawa.


Faya will assist with the annual GLAD Cleaning the Capital (CTC) campaign, allowing all city residents to track cleanup-related actions –from throwing out litter to recycling–through Facebook Messenger. As the City of Ottawa’s Assistant, she’ll be happy to take action with you in English and in French.


Especially fun for youth, Faya rewards residents for taking action with collectible badges they can share online to show their participation. Cleanup actions are showcased on a map of the city, highlighting the collective impact of residents’ efforts and inviting others to contribute. With a database of over 1,200 parks, Faya makes cleaning Ottawa easy, accessible and fun.


I would like to thank MC2 for all of their work on this online assistant as well as Councillors Tierney, Blais, and Hubley with the City’s Innovation Program for coordinating this unique partnership.


I am very excited to see this creative new technology to help promote civic awareness in our youth in a fun and engaging way. I highly encourage all residents to give Faya a try by chatting with her on Facebook Messenger and see if she can help get our local youth involved as well!


You can access the chatbot here in English and here in French.