Sledge Hockey Free “Try-it!” Day


On Saturday, September 16th, Sledge Hockey of Eastern Ontario is hosting their Free “Try-it!” event at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex!

Sledge Hockey is a team sport that disabled and non-disabled participants can play on an equal basis. Sledge hockey conforms to the rules and form of traditional hockey. The skills required to control and propel the sledge adds a new element of excitement and challenge to a game already well known for its fast pace and outstanding team work.

Along with my Councillor colleagues, Marianne Wilkinson, Allan Hubley, and Eli El-Chantiry, I was thrilled to help sponsor this session which celebrates bringing together disabled and non-disabled athletes with the love of sport!

From 9:15-11:15 AM, I highly encourage all residents to stop by and give the fun and accessible sport a try!

For more information, please visit http://www.sheo.ca4e2a379e3ed77b9f06c8d007191d25db