Site Alteration By-Law Development – Provide Comments by September 25


In Stittsville and our surrounding areas, we see firsthand some of the changes that development brings to our landscape. Site alteration as it is conducted in our communities is most noticeable through actions such as tree clearing, leveling of properties and other preliminary construction activities.


Due to the disruption that these acts can cause for residents, it is very important that the City has control over site alteration that takes place on future development lands.


The City is developing a Site Alteration By-Law which will address these concerns that we face in Stittsville as well as a number of other items that are important to the rural areas of the City.


I think this is a very important policy for the City to implement.  I encourage residents review the discussion paper and provided by-law and provide their comments by September 25.


Additional Information on this proposal By-law:


Staff is developing a new by-law to regulate site alteration. This initiative responds to policy direction in the City’s Official Plan for such a by-law to be established.

The ability for municipalities to enact a Site Alteration By-law is provided by the Municipal Act. Such a by-law can apply to all or part of the municipality and would define the nature of site alterations that may be permitted.

The Site Alteration By-law is intended to:

  • Prevent drainage problems
  • Protect the productivity of soils in designated Agricultural Resource Areas
  • Protect designated natural areas and other identified natural heritage features (such as significant woodlands and valleylands) from negative impacts
  • Reduce the risk of root damage to City-owned trees or other trees protected under the City’s tree by-laws
  • Establish basic rules for how site alteration is done, to avoid impacts to neighbours and the environment

Where site alterations are undertaken that are not in keeping with the rules, the by-law would provide the ability for the City to require corrective actions.

Staff have been working with key stakeholders to develop a draft site alteration by-law. These stakeholders include representatives from other government agencies, affected industries, and local interest groups.

Public input is also being invited through postings on the project web page at key stages including:

Please provide your feedback to Amy MacPherson and myself no later than Monday, September 25.

  • Amy MacPherson, Planner II
    Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development

At this point, it is expected that recommendations related to establishing a Site Alteration Bylaw will be brought forward for consideration by Committee and Council in fall 2017.