Stittsville Park Challenge

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing the story of how three young Stittsville girls embarked upon a challenge to tour the community and get some physical activity in the process!

Natasha, Holly, and Jasmin were looking for a fun and inexpensive summer activity to do in our community.  Seeing as they love biking and parks, Natasha and Holly’s mother decided to challenge them to see how many parks in Stittsville they could visit in one day by bike.

The only rules were that they had to do at least 2 activities at each park and pose for a photo at the park sign as proof that they were there. The girls did all the research online in advance and, to the best of their knowledge, they found that there were 26 parks in Stittsville.

The Park Challenge took place on August 25th. The girls and Natasha and Holly’s mother took off around 9:30am armed with water, sunscreen and plenty of snacks.  Besides the mandatory stops at each park to do 2 activities and take a photo, they also took a few other breaks including lunch (which was provided by Jasmin’s mom who met them at Ralph Street Park) and then a stop at Quitters for a lemonade.

Finally, 6 hours, 20kms, and 22 parks later, everyone was getting a bit tired so the team decided to call it a day. Although, they missed a few parks, the girls plan to tackle all 26 next summer.

It is always great to see and hear about young kids in our community staying active and exploring the world around them. Great job, Natasha, Holly, and Jasmin! Although you may not have visited all 26 parks, I would say you succeeded in a great day!

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