Stittsville Residents with Majority of Feedback on Parking By-Law Amendment

On Wednesday, the City’s Transportation Committee discussed and approved an updated Traffic and Parking By-law. This report and recommendations must now go before City Council for final approval.

Included in the report is the recommendation to extend on-street parking duration limit along unsigned roadways from a 3-hour maximum to a 6-hour maximum from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and statutory holidays.  This will allow more flexibility for residents and their guests requiring greater than 3-hour parking on weekends and holidays; and allows up to 24 hours of consecutive on-street parking for overnight guests arriving after 1 p.m. The updated by-law, once approved by Council, is proposed to go into effect June 1, 2018 will also be harmonized with City and provincial legislation.

The report presented to the committee summarized the responses the City received from the survey conducted over the summer. As you can see in the below chart presented to the committee, Stittsville was the community with the most responses submitted from across the City. Unfortunately, I feel this truly showcases the parking issues that our growing community is facing. The current Traffic and Parking By-law was approved by the City in 2003 and since then I know Stittsville has experienced denser development and I think the parking needs of residents have also changed; particularly during the winter months. For example, I have been working with the City’s Traffic Department in tandem with the Fairwinds’ Community Association to review potential parking limitations between Dec 1st-March 31st.

As shown in the above chart, in Stittsville the majority of responses from residents supported the weekend and holiday changes proposed. I frequently receive complaints from residents in Stittsville regarding street parking, from both those who have received parking tickets and also those that are concerned with cars parking on their streets. The proposed changes would be for weekends and holidays which I think is important to allow for flexibility to accommodate residents who have gatherings at their homes or are hosting guests from out of town.

At the Committee I also raised questions regarding accessible parking requirements and staff were directed to discuss with the Province the possibility of going beyond the Provincial Standards and expand the accessible parking requirements to accommodate the aging population and the increase in the rate of disability.