Lamitta’s Wish Carwash Recap

Lamittas Wish

Last Saturday, August 26th, I had the pleasure of participating in a carwash fundraiser for Stittsville resident, Lamitta, as part of the Lamitta’s Wish to Walk initiative.


Lamitta is a young Stittsville girl with cerebral palsy looking to fund an important surgery, currently scheduled for September 7th, to give her the ability to walk.


The selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery is an expensive procedure which costs upwards of $130,000. Residents all year have been coming together to help raise funds for this brave and joyful girl in whatever ways they can including carwashes, bake sales, and fundraisers. The family has reached their GoFundMe initial goal of $130,000.00 and they are ever thankful, however they do anticipate much further medical costs which could potentially cost them upwards of $160,000.00 to $170,000.00 over the next 1 to 2 years.   


Last Saturday we witnessed the true meaning of community with a number of residents coming out to support the event and have their cars washed by local firefighters from Stations 46 and 81 – a big thank you to the wonderful men and women from both of these Stittsville Stations. Ottawa Police Constables, including Constable Greg Rhoden, even stopped by to have their cruisers washed! I would also like to thank the staff from D`arcy McGee’s and Swiss Chalet who volunteered their time at the event by making signs and garnishing community attention and support. Finally, I would like to thank Sharon Kavanagh for providing her property (former Flea Market lands) for this event to take place.


Stittsville is a strong community and I would like to thank all residents who have participated in the numerous fundraising events for Lamitta, including the carwash this past Saturday.


Along with the community, I send my best wishes for Lamitta for a successful surgery.