Fall Transit OC Transpo Changes


I would like to provide an overview of the Fall 2017 transit service changes that are to begin on Sunday, September 3.


These changes are part of OC Transpo’s regular schedule adjustments, which take place four times a year – April, June, September and December.


The fall service changes include two types of modifications:

  • Service adjustments as part of the transition to the 2018 Network; and,
  • Other service adjustments.


Service Adjustments as part of the Transition to the 2018 Network


Modifications to the OC Transpo’s transit system will be made in several phases in preparation for the opening of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018. The modifications are intended to help ease the changes that will be experienced by customers once the Confederation Line is launched.


New route numbers that are consistent with the Bus Service Identification report received by the Transit Commission in June 2016 will continue to be introduced in phases. The table above lists the route number changes that will be made this fall as part of the continuing roll-out of the new route numbering plan. As new route numbers are introduced, they will be categorized into the new service types, with each service type having its own distinctive colour and symbol that provides information on the service offered. Information will be provided to customers at bus stops, on timetables and on buses to assist them with the route number changes for individual routes. The OC Transpo website will also provide all information to assist customers during this transition. Customers will be encouraged to visit www.octranspo.com to check out the information.


Other Service Adjustments


Route network adjustments – Following consultation with the Councillors for the areas affected, the following service adjustments will be made to the route network to get ready for rail in 2018:

  • In Kanata and Stittsville, the evening and weekend service between Terry Fox Station and Tanger Outlets currently provided by Route 62 will be provided by Route 162; and,
  • In Greenboro, current Routes 114 and 298 will be combined into new all-day Route 40, operating between St-Laurent and Greenboro Stations at most times. Route 40 will operate along the current Route 114 routing with most trips extended from Greenboro Station to Hurdman Station in the morning peak period and from Hurdman Station to Greenboro Station in the afternoon peak period. All Route 40 trips in Greenboro will serve Tapiola Crescent, to bring service closer to customers.


Station changes – In late fall 2017, some bus stop locations at Tunney’s Pasture Station will be adjusted once the full end-state bus loop is completed. Fare payments will continue to be made on board buses until the fare-paid zone at Tunney’s Pasture Station is established in 2018.


Seasonal Capacity Adjustments – Every year, ridership increases across the system as the summer ends and customers return back to regular commuting patterns. The frequency of service is adjusted to reflect these changes in ridership, and the capacity provided is adjusted to carry the increased number of customers traveling during this time. Seasonal reductions on most routes will end, with most services returning to their pre-summer levels.


School service – Special school trips on Frequent and Local routes and School routes (600-series) will resume. Capacity on Routes 12, 18, 19, 24, 82, 84, 152, 665, and 669 will be increased to accommodate Grade 7 and 8 students who are being relocated to Bell, Sir Robert Borden, and Gloucester High Schools as a result of school closures. In addition, based on observed ridership levels, the number of school trips will be reduced on Route 48 to Canterbury High School, Route 80 to Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, Route 83 to Merivale High School, and Route 630 to Colonel By Secondary School, maintaining sufficient capacity by using higher-capacity buses on some trips.


For a full list of changes, please visit http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/fall_service_changes_starting_sept_3