Time Capsule

It is my pleasure to share with you an exciting initiative. As mentioned in Mayor Watson’s State of the City address in January of this year, the City of Ottawa will be organizing a time capsule in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary.


Each of Ottawa’s 23 wards will contribute a memento that is truly iconic of our communities to only be opened again in 2067 (Canada’s 200th anniversary).


This is an incredible opportunity to give our next generation a glimpse into Stittsville as it is today. What a thrill it will be for someone to open a time capsule 50 years from now and experience just what our daily lives look like. Better still, imagine the nostalgia on our children`s faces when they are reminded in 50 years of their youth!


I would like to take this moment to invite all residents to share with me their ideas for what they believe Stittsville’s contribution to the time capsule should be. The memento should be unique and memorable and reflective of Stittsville.


All items must be submitted to my office no later than September 22nd so that they may be presented to the City Archivist for the September 29th deadline. Items must also be able to fit in the capsule which is 24″ wide x 36″ high x 11″ deep.


Some ideas for items include:

  • medals and commemorative coins
  • documents and other publications on quality paper
  • black-and-white photographic prints
  • Cotton and polyester textiles

It is important to keep in mind a few details when choosing your item:

  • If you include Flash drives (USB), CDs or DVDs, the equipment to play them back may not be available when the time capsule is opened
  • If you include a Smartphone or other artifact DO NOT include the battery
  • All wood, especially pine and oak, gives off acid vapours and they will be sealed away from electronic equipment or metal articles in the time capsule
  • Newsprint is acidic and deteriorates easily. It will be isolated from the rest of the contents
  • Color prints and slides can fade even when kept in the dark
  • Textiles must be clean and insect free

Do not include:

  • batteries will leak corrosive chemicals & must be avoided
  • unstable documents such as photocopies and faxes
  • food & liquids
  • matches and explosives
  • rubber or objects with rubber parts (rubber deteriorates over time, releasing sulfur)
  • Any plastics with the recycling symbol ‘3’ (PVC), including plastic food wrap
  • Any plastics with the recycling symbol ‘7’ (these are very unstable)
  • Silk, because it may deteriorate
  • Wool and hair as they contain sulfur and therefore may corrode metal


I highly encourage everyone to share some of their ideas for what represents our community as it stands today. Although I will not be the final decision-maker for this venture, I am excited to hear just what our residents feels represents the incredible sense of community and family existent within Stittsville.


All submission ideas should be sent to me at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca. If possible, include an image of your recommended artifact. I look forward to all resident’s suggestions and cannot wait to share the selected item following the September 22nd deadline. Thank you.