Bike Repair Recap

You may have noticed a new piece of equipment along the Trans Canada Trail in the Village Square Park this past week – a Bicycle Repair Station.


Through the partnership of Safer Roads Ottawa (SRO) and Ottawa Public Health (OPH), the bike repair station was erected to give cyclists the ability to pull over and address various maintenance issues with their bicycles while out for a ride such as low tire pressure or lose bolts.  This past Monday Rob Wilkinson from SRO, Joanne Veldman from OPH, along with Doug Yuill from our partner at Bike Right joined me at Village Square to greet and teach passersby how to use the new repair station and provide some tips on bike and helmet safety.   


One of the safety aspects SRO focused on was lighting strategically placed on bicycles to draw drivers’ attention to the cyclist. By placing a white light on the handle bar and a red light just below the seat cyclists have three options of illumination; flashing fast, slow or  solid light.


From 6:30 to 8:15 we were able to reach out to over 80 people either walking or cycling the trail -providing them with not only safety tips but safety items as well such lights, bells, and reflectors.  If you would like to learn more about the Bicycle Repair Station you can visit the City web site here.