Speed Radar Gun


Over the past few weeks, as a response to speeding concerns brought to my attention by residents, I was pleased to patrol the community of Stittsville and track speeding using my office’s radar gun.


Looking to improve traffic safety within our communities is a great priority of mine. As such, my office has been working hard to ensure that traffic calming measures are implemented wherever they are most feasible. Some of these measures include flex stakes, “Slow Down for Us” signs and speed radar boards.


This radar gun was purchased using my office’s 2017 Traffic budget, which is allocated to each City Councillor to enforce traffic-calming measures within the community and to provide the community with another tool to help keep our streets safer.


The purpose of the radar gun is to educate residents and keep Stittsville’s streets safe for everyone.  It provides my office with concrete numbers and statistics pertaining to speeding which I can then provide to Traffic Staff and Ottawa Police Services (OPS) to aide in discussions for possible measures.


This is another great tool to be added to our community toolbox to allow us to make drivers and residents in the area more aware of speeding concerns that may be present in their neighbourhoods.


I welcome residents who have a speeding concern on their street, or streets nearby, to please contact my office. My staff and I would be more than happy to set up a time when we can meet with you on-site to discuss your concerns and conduct an educational speed survey together.
Alternatively, I am also happy to lend the radar gun to any interested community associations to use for their benefit of monitoring speeding in their respective areas.


As always, the best means to report speeding is to report it directly to the police. OPS enforces speed monitoring in residential areas based on the reports they receive. If you are concerned about speeding on your street, please use the OPS online reporting system with the time of occurrence and details of vehicles you witness and encourage your neighbours to do the same.


Let’s continue to raise awareness on the effects of speeding and keep our community streets safe!