Construction Activities in Ottawa

As part of the City of Ottawa’s annual infrastructure maintenance cycle, road resurfacing will occur to improve roadways and the citywide transportation network. The transitway and selective resurfacing program will begin in August and will continue until the late fall. At some time during the construction season, a roadway will be resurfaced in your neighbourhood.


Work will involve milling of the existing surface, adjustment of manhole and catch basin grates, concrete repairs, and roadway resurfacing, and the upgrade of the Carp Rd Park and Ride facility to a paved surface.


The Contractor, Cavanagh Construction anticipates the completion by the end of November.


Work will occur at various locations across the city. To mitigate construction impacts on major roadways, the following roads may be resurfaced during the weeknights between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m:


  • West Transitway from Fallowfield Station to Woodroffe Avenue
  • West Transitway from Woodroffe Avenue to 40m north of Navaho Drive
  • Transitway Access Road from west Transitway to Via Park Place
  • Woodroffe Avenue Northbound Bus Lane from 40m north of David Drive to 160m north of David Drive
  • Southwest Transitway from Baseline Road underpass to Iris Street


The following roadways will be resurfaced during the day and evening and will involve minor lane interruptions:


  • Terry Fox Station from 90m west of Lord Bing Way to Lord Bing Way
  • Eagleson east Park and Ride bus route from Eagleson Road to Highway 417 Eastbound on-ramp
  • Fernbank Road paved shoulders from Shea Road to 500m west of Terry Fox Drive
  • Dunrobin Road paved shoulders Kerwin Road to 800m south of Thomas A Dolan Parkway
  • Richardson Side Road paved shoulders from 200m east of Highway 417 to Terry Fox Drive
  • Tunis Avenue from Anna Avenue to Fisher Avenue
  • Fairlawn Avenue from Lenester Avenue to Carling Avenue
  • Greenbank Road from Half Moon Bay to Jock River Bridge
  • Burnbank Road from 120m west of Pratt Road to 50m west of Pratt Road
  • Carp Road Park and Ride opposite Westbrooke Road


Weekend work is also anticipated for all locations. Traffic interruptions may also be experienced due to flagging operations.


I would request and thank the residents for their patience during this construction period.