Councillor’s View – La Machine Recap

Dear Residents,


Did you know?

  • 3200 litres of dragon mist and spider venom were sprayed;
  • 27 km were walked in total by two monsters;
  • and 6 snow falls in mid-July put a giant spider to sleep. Wow! Click here for more fun facts.


Last weekend, arguably Ottawa2017’s largest signature event of the year took place right in the heart of downtown Ottawa.


With all of the buzz on social media, it’s hard to forget the awesome and terrifying faces of Long Ma the dragon-horse and Kumo the giant spider – the creatures of La Machine.


La Machine was a spectacle event that I know I certainly will not forget.


Over 750,000 residents made it out to witness this theatrical demonstration pulled straight out of Chinese folklore and helped to make this one of Ottawa’s largest events in history. From the music to the positive momentum, I am thrilled at the positive reception felt by all. Residents of all ages made it out to support the event.


The few controls put in were well thought out and I was proud to witness how the public organized themselves seamlessly and with minimal guidance around such a complicated traffic-impeding event.


An event like this is also helpful to developing the economic growth of the city (just ask the businesses on adjacent streets such as Elgin and in the Byward Market!). Although there will always be some negative impacts and concerns, in the case of this event, they were kept to a minimum and the primary feedback of what was really emphasized was how smoothly the event was coordinated and operated.


This momentous occasion proves just what Ottawa is capable of. As the Nation’s capital City, I am proud to say that we are no longer living in the shadow of some of the country’s busier cities like Montreal and Toronto.


Our celebrations are being felt around the world with Canada topping Lonely Planet’s list of travel destinations in 2017 and with Ottawa touting some of the largest and most unique events of the year including the Interprovincial Picnic on the Bridge, Red Bull Crashed Ice, Kontinuum, and the JUNOs to name a few, it is no surprise why.


And with many of this year’s most unique events being provided at no cost to attendees, Ottawa is becoming a tourist destination for our residents as much as it is for non-residents.


An incredible amount of work has gone into the planning of this year’s events. I would like to take a moment to thank and recognize the efforts of Mayor Watson, Guy LaFlamme, and the entire 2017 team as well as our two Councillor ambassadors Jean Cloutier and Mathieu Fleury.


I would also like to take a moment to recognize all City Staff including Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa Fire Services and Ottawa Paramedic Services as well as all  volunteers who helped to make it all come together in a seamless fashion. Most of all, I would like to thank you, the residents. for making this event what it was.


Event like this do not happen without the support of other levels of governments as well so I would also like to thank our Provincial and Federal governments for their involvement.


I hope that the city continues to attract reputation-forming events such as this one. I still firmly believe that at the end of all the hard work we put into these events, it is worthwhile as we see an increase in tourism, local business support, and most of all, the memories.


The year is not over yet, however. There are still many opportunities to enjoy Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary and I hope that all residents take this chance to celebrate before it is too late. For more information of some of the other spectacular events, please visit