Councillor’s View – Ottawa 2017 Events This Weekend

Dear Residents,

This week, Ottawa2017’s most recent signature event hit the streets of Ottawa with monstrous proportions.

La Machine is an Ottawa2017 signature event making its North American debut. The large-scale spectacle event features two mechanical creatures inspired by Chinese mythology. The dragon-horse, Long Ma, and the giant spider, Kumo, will wander the streets of Ottawa as a dramatic story unfolds involving Ottawa’s LRT excavation awakening ancient forces.

The story is as follows:

From the ninth level of heaven, Long Ma—a cosmic creature who is half-horse, half-dragon—keeps watch over humanity. But a sinister force that has taken the form of a giant spider slips into his home as he sleeps, burning his wings and robbing his sacred temple. From this time forth, the Dragon-Horse roams the seven seas in search of his missing temple. 

The giant spider, Kumo, takes refuge in Ottawa, the mother-city of all spiders. Buried deep beneath the waves, the temple remains concealed. But the recent work undertaken by the city to build Ottawa’s new transit line has disturbed Kumo, and she is forced force to emerge from the ground. Her power depleted, the spider becomes vulnerable and loses control of the temple, which reappears in the city. Alerted by this apparition, Long Ma sets out on the route taken by Champlain several centuries earlier, with the intention of recovering his temple of travel, a shrine that he alone has the power to properly restore.”

These mechanical creations stand as tall as 12 metres high with abilities to create fire and water.

Yesterday, Kumo awoke at the National Gallery of Canada, spurring Long Ma’s awakening this morning at City Hall. Although the event has begun, residents still have all weekend to witness these monsters in various locations.

I highly encourage everyone to stop by this free event for a momentous occasion celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary you won’t want to miss.

For a full schedule and for more information, please click here.

If you are unable to make this great event, there are still a number of ways to enjoy the Ottawa2017 festivities this summer. Kontinuum is another fantastic event taking place in Ottawa’s new Lyon Station LRT Tunnel. An interactive show travelling through space and time, this is an interactive experience that puts you and your family/friends inside the anomaly.

I had the great privilege to participate in this event earlier this month with my family and had a wonderful time. The experience is free but don’t forget to get your tickets in advance as they are certain to go quickly. To do so or for more information, click here.

I hope that residents are able to make the most of these fantastic free experiences this summer with those they hold dear. For more Ottawa2017 events, please visit