Sidewalk Construction on Hazeldean


I would like to update residents on the construction of a sidewalk on Hazeldean to take place later this year.


The overall project involves the construction of a new 2.0m wide asphalt sidewalk along the north side of Hazeldean Road east of Kittiwake Drive. The new sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk at the intersection of Hazeldean Road and Kittiwake Drive at the western limit and the existing sidewalk connection from Abaca Way at the eastern limit. The sidewalk will be located behind the existing shoulder and streetlighting within the existing grass boulevard.


Schedule is unknown at this point, but the sidewalk is anticipated to be constructed before the end of 2017. It is noted that while the design is being completed by the City, construction will be undertaken by the Developer of Bulat Court.


For the construction of sidewalk, traffic should not be impacted and therefore no long duration lane closures will be required. Pedestrian access and construction site control will be per the City’s latest requirements.


I will be certain to provide updates in my weekly newsletter on this project as they become available.