Public Health Expert Panel Report


In January of this year, the Provincial Ministry of Health partnered with public health units together to create an Expert Panel on public health which would generate a report to guide the future of public healthcare plans in Ontario.


This report makes recommendations on structural, organizational and governance changes for Ontario’s public health sector that, if implemented, would constitute a significant departure from status quo. As part of their recommendation, the Expert Panel was asked to consider:

  1. The optimal organizational structure for public health in Ontario to:
  • ensure accountability, transparency and quality of population and public health programs and services
  • improve capacity and equity in public health units across Ontario
  • support integration with the broader health system and the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) – the organizations responsible for planning health services
  • leverage public health’s expertise and leadership in population health-based planning, decision-making and resource allocation, as well as in addressing health equity and the social determinants of health.


  1. How best to govern and staff the optimal organizational structure.


Yesterday, the report was made available in full and is available by clicking here.

I believe this is a great stride forward toward a public health sector that operates consistently between municipality and province. Moreover, an integrated health system will make the programs offered by public health will be more visible in the public domain, thereby improving upon resources that are readily available.

I highly encourage all residents to review the report as there are quite a few perspectives explained in the way of optimizing public health for everyday life.