Planning Committee approves zoning for Tartan’s EdenWylde Subdivision


On July 11th the City’s Planning Committee approved the zoning report for Tartan’s EdenWylde Subdivision located at 5970 Fernbank Road. The report will not go forward for approval to City Council on July 26th.


The zoning application is to permit a residential subdivision containing 326 single detached, 26 semi-detached, 233 multiple attached and 135 low-rise apartment dwelling units and one park, as detailed in the plan of subdivision. I supported this zoning as it reflects the plan of subdivision that has been presented to the public.  While this site is located in Councillor Moffatt’s ward, we have been working together on development applications in the urban boundary in his ward as they have an impact on the residents in ward 6.


I would like to thank Tartan Homes for their co-operation in ensuring that we follow the plans presented to the public. They had requested a change to the plans to permit a higher density in one location and while that was a minor request in nature, I felt the community may be concerned with not being consulted on the change and therefore Tartan agreed to follow the existing plan.