Pavement Marking Update


I would like to provide a quick update on the City’s 2017 Pavement Marking Program. This program operates annually from early May to early November to refresh all pavement markings on City roads. This includes applying pavement markings at all signalized intersections twice a year and completing longitudinal markings (white and yellow lane lines) and transverse markings (stop bars, PXO markings, cycling markings, right and left turn arrows, hatched areas) once a year.


The priority at the start of the 2017 pavement markings season was to complete the markings associated with the Temporary Traffic Calming program, which included refreshing markings from last year by mid-June, and applying the new markings by the end of July. Other priorities have been the application of green thermoplastic markings in school zones such as those on Stittsville Main Street, refreshing the Laurier Avenue bike lanes prior to Canada Day, and refreshing pavement markings in Kanata North related to the Autonomous Vehicle Project.


Due to the high incidence of rain during the months of May and June (the City’s weather forecaster reports that it rained 37 of 61 days during these two months), 25 out of 70 pavement marking work shifts were lost due to rain. This has significantly delayed production schedule, resulting in less streets with pavement markings refreshed as would have typically been completed by this time of the year.  Furthermore, this past winter was particularly harsh resulting in an unusually high amount of wear on the existing pavement markings and leaving many pavement markings more faded than usual.


The City is actively working to return to schedule by adjusting and reprioritizing annual maintenance programs to ensure that areas with greater wear are dealt with first, reassigning staff to support pavement marking activities and working additional shifts as weather permits. By implementing these measures and assuming an average number of rain days over the next few months, staff is expecting to be able to complete the program by the end of the season within the allocated budget.


I would like to thank residents for their patience in this regard to delays during this very wet summer.