Mississippi Valley Watershed Conditions Statement

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has provided my office with the following statement in regards to the present conditions of the Mississippi Valley Watershed.


With continuing rainfall, flows and levels across the Mississippi River watershed remain high and have yet to stabilize.  Although levels are expected to stabilize in the next couple of days, any additional rain this week and next could aggravate the situation. Conditions will remain higher than normal for this time of year over the next few weeks.

Watershed dams are being operated to manage the increased flows. These areas are extremely dangerous for recreational users of the river system. Residents and visitors are advised to stay well clear of any dam while swimming, boating or fishing to avoid being caught in strong currents and pulled into the dam.

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) reminds the public to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time, and when combined with current flow conditions pose a serious hazard especially for small children and pets.

Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVCA website at http://mvc.on.ca/water-levels/

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority flood forecasting and warning program monitors weather conditions, snowpack water content, estimates expected river flows and water levels and issues flood advisories or warnings as required. MVCA provides early warning and continuous monitoring to municipal and provincial emergency response personnel through a flood event.


I want to remind residents living near large bodies of water to remain cognizant of water levels over the coming week, particularly should Ottawa continue receiving the record-breaking amount of rainfall as it has. I will continue keeping residents informed should updates arise in my weekly newsletter.