Kayla’s Garden of Hope


I would like to take a moment to share one young resident’s brilliant campaign to help raise resources and awareness for mental health advocacy.


Kayla’s Garden of Hope was created by Kayla Villalta, an advocate for youth mental health that has gone through and seen many people struggle with mental health challenges. She believes that funding is crucial for youth mental health in order to learn coping strategies and begin healing at a young age while the mind is still developing.


Kayla has designed a vast array of beautiful flower pots which she is happy to pass along in exchange for donations to help fund mental health programs at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.


Donations of any amount are accepted and greatly appreciated.


I highly encourage any interested residents to take a look at Kayla’s gallery and visit her website at https://kaylasgardenofhope.wixsite.com/gardenofhope/blank-q17v5 to consider donating to this great initiative.


Thanks for taking on such a valuable project, Kayla!