Blackstone Fernbank Crossing Community Association Meeting: Traffic and Development Concerns

This Wednesday I attended the Blackstone Community Association Meeting where traffic concerns were discussed amongst other topics related to construction and development in the neighbourhood.


Local OPS Constable Kevin Williams attended the meeting along with the City’s Director of Transportation Phil Landry as well as representatives from the relevant developers in Blackstone, each addressing some of the questions and concerns raised by residents; those being:


  • Speeding in the community and residents failing to stop at stop signs
    • Constable Williams explained that in order for OPS to administer officers to monitor a specific location, they need reason to believe there is a concern on the street or area in question. Therefore, Constable Williams is encouraging residents who have a concern regarding speeding or traffic violations to please make a police report online directly to the OPS by accessing the following link:
  • Concerns with navigating near-by roundabouts
  • On-street parking creating a safety concern for EMS vehicles to access residential streets
    • When residents feel there is a safety concern created by on-street parking, the City asks residents in conjunction with their Community Associations, to please send their local Councillor a list of streets in the neighbourhood where they feel there is an issue. The City’s Traffic Department will then review the streets and work with the community towards a solution. Going forward in Blackstone, for example, this will be the next course of action. 
  • Developers notifying residents of street closures
    • Residents are concerned with the lack of notice given to them from developers upon street closures in the area. Developers assured residents they would re-visit this item and work with their teams to put up signage prior to roads being closed for development purposes.



I would like to thank all residents who attended the meeting and voiced their questions and concerns. Myself and staff look forward to working with residents and the Blackstone Community Association going forward.


I would also like to thank Adrienne Charlton, President of the BSFCA, along with her executives for organizing the meeting.