Road Resurfacing Projects in Ottawa

I would like to provide residents with an update on the 2017 Road Resurfacing Program and on the additional resurfacing projects in response to the motion carried by Council on May 24, 2017. This motion approved the addition of $400,000 to the Road Services Operating Budget for the Unscheduled Asphalt Road and Pathway Surface Repairs program and a further $2.5M to the City-wide Road Resurfacing Project.


Over the past four weeks, staff from Public Works and Environmental Services (PWES) and Infrastructure Services (IS) have worked collaboratively to identify locations for the implementation of additional roadway repairs. To maximize the value of the additional investments, the focus of these additional repairs has been on selected road sections of greater need and not the resurfacing of full road segments.


It is recognized that the additional investments could be allocated to many locations. In developing the list, staff considered the following factors:


  • Current road conditions – based on information gathered by field staff;
  • Existing capital projects – coordination with proximity to planned projects and consideration of works that have been advanced to 2017
  • Planned resurfacing – coordination with work planned in 2018 to maximize the return on the additional investments;
  • Safety risks – based on traffic volumes and speeds
  • Stakeholder input – Councillor and resident feedback.


I have discussed this item with PWES and IS staff and based on feedback from residents provided to my office, assisted in determining the Stittsville locations funded for resurfacing would be:

  • Abbott St at Stittsville Main
  • Carp Rd at McCooye
  • Hobin St at Renshaw


I am pleased that this additional funding is being used to help allocate repairs to more areas of Stittsville and across the City which are in need. My office is aware of other areas that still require maintenance work and I will continue to bring them to the attention of PWES and IS staff to ensure that they are added to the maintenance list as early as possible.


The timeline to implement the additional repairs will vary depending on type of repair needed, procurement of services and coordination of resources. All works are expected to be completed later in 2017.


For a full list of roads affected by the additional funding, please click here or see below. Please note that the list is based on staff’s best estimate of costs and the list may need to be adjusted based on actual costs when contractors have been retained.