Property Standards Bylaw Review Update


In 2005, Council enacted the harmonized By-law No. 2005-207, known as the Property Standards By-law, to provide for standards under which properties are maintained. Since its enactment, the by-law has been amended several times to address a variety of definitions and functions. A comprehensive review of the by-law was completed in 2013 and resulted in a new and updated by-law that addressed other issues such as vacant buildings and lands, and heritage properties, and enhanced existing provisions.


However, a few additional issues were raised as part of the By-law Review Strategy approved by Council in 2015. This review therefore focuses on those issues which include: lighting; safe passage (ice and snow maintenance); fences; and graffiti.


Input is being collected in a variety of convenient ways for residents and other stakeholders to share their views. An on-line consultation will be hosted on over the coming weeks and an in-person workshop will take place at the McNabb Recreation Centre Assembly Hall on Monday, July 10th from 6:30 to 8 p.m.


Participants are encouraged to review the Discussion Paper and complete the on-line survey available on


The consultation phase of the review process is currently underway. Staff will review the comments received, and report back with recommendations to the Community and Protective Services Committee on August 31, and Council in September.


As more information comes marking the start of the online consultation, I will be happy to share it in my weekly newsletter with residents.