Bicycle Safety


Wednesday, June 21st is summer solstice and with summer comes activities such as running, walking, and cycling outside. As you enjoy the warm weather, I would like to provide a gentle reminder to all residents to please be conscientious of the rules of the road.


Under the Highway Traffic Act, bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey the same rules and regulations when travelling to their end destinations. As such, coming to a complete stop at Stop signs/Red Lights and ensuring that both bicycle and rider are visible when travelling are vital rules of the road that cyclists must adhere to. Moreover, when faced with one of the City’s new pedestrian crossovers, cyclists face the same responsibilities as drivers and must stop until pedestrians are safely crossed. When a cyclist would like to utilize a pedestrian crossover, they must first dismount and walk their bike across for safety purposes.


I would like to take this moment to point out a young Stittsville resident who was recently mentioned on social media for their exemplary use of bicycle safety practices:


“A positive shout out to the youngster I saw riding a pale blue bike with matching blue helmet. in the morning, who crossed Hazeldean from Kittiwake to West Ridge at the lights… firstly, wearing the helmet and then got off the bike and walked it through the crosswalk and then got back on! Great teaching by parents and excellent work by the youngster. 🙂


To whomever this young resident is, thank you, you are an excellent role model for Stittsville cyclists.


Should any resident have a concern regarding violations of the rules of the road, I would encourage you to make a report online to the OPS at The more reports the police receive regarding traffic violations at a certain area, or on a certain street, the more justification they have in deploying officers to monitor the location.


Alternatively, I would also encourage residents to submit their stories of other young exemplary Stittsville residents who practise safety on our roads. Please email your stories and shout-outs to