Tysen Lefebvre Receives Spirit of the Capital Max Keeping Award


I would like to send my sincere congratulations to Tysen Lefebvre, who received the Max Keeping Award for Courage on Monday June 5th at The Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards 2017 held at City Hall. In addition to Tysen, two other individuals from Stittsville, Emily Pierce and Serena Kam, were nominated and recognized for their contributions to help better the lives of others.


The Max Keeping Award for Personal Courage is awarded to an individual youth who has demonstrated a tremendous passion for life by overcoming personal obstacles. They demonstrate hope and determination in the face of personal challenges and is a vibrant and optimistic member of the community. In addition, the individual serves as an inspiration of persistence for all those around him/her.


Each year, the Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards celebrates nominees from seven different categories; Academic Perseverance, Arts & Culture, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Service & Caring, Strength Through Diversity, Take a Stand, and the Max Keeping Award for Courage.


Youth are not just our future, they are our present.


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated this year. Your contribution and commitment to others is admirable. Thank you.