Councillor’s View – Volunteer Initiatives

Dear Residents,


Today, I had the pleasure of stopping by Sacred Heart High School for their participation in the Relay For Life.


For those of you who do not know, Relay For Life is a community based fundraising event organized by the Canadian Cancer Society. Thanks in part to enthusiastic community volunteers, Relay for Life has been the biggest fundraising event in Canada for over 15 years and has raised over $28 million toward cancer research. Each year, more than 5,000 Relay For Life events take place in over twenty countries.


I am always thrilled to see activism in the community, particularly when large groups of youth volunteers come together in an initiative to promote change, raise funds, and support research for issues such as these.


Cancer is a disease that affects us all and it is through great initiatives such as these that we may continue to study it and learn to treat victims across Canada.


Whether it be through the Relay for Life, the Walk for Alzheimers, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, or any of the several other worthwhile charitable fundraisers of your choice, I would like to thank all residents who will be taking the time this summer to participate in an event, have sponsored someone who is, or show their support on behalf of someone you know and love. Regardless of the cause, I appreciate all you do.


I would also like to take this moment to encourage all residents to get involved in one of these great initiatives. It only takes a moment to take the first step.


The first step you take toward improving the lives of others is the most important. It is the first step toward creating a world free from horrible diseases such as cancer. On behalf the community, I would like to thank you for your efforts.


Thank you.