Carp at Hazeldean Traffic Inquiries


For some time, I’ve been hearing concerns from residents regarding the intersection at Carp Road and Hazeldean. Many residents feel as though an advance left turn signal needs to be implemented for vehicles turning eastbound from Hazeldean onto Carp Road. This has been a major discussion for at least two years with traffic staff and I am happy to supply residents with further information on the matter.


Having discussed this concern with the City’s Traffic Department, in Fall 2016 Traffic Staff conducted a review on 12 hours of video footage of the intersection during morning rush-hour over a two-month period. The footage concludes that while eastbound traffic turning left from Hazeldean onto Carp Road (toward the 417) is high, it does not spill out of the left-turn storage lane. Secondly, there is a very low volume of westbound traffic on Hazeldean Road to interfere with eastbound drivers turning left. Overall, traffic staff concluded that eastbound left-turn vehicles experienced an excellent level of service, and therefore did not recommend that any traffic signal changes be made at this time.


Traffic staff also took time to review suggestions to create a dedicated right turn lane at this intersection as drivers in the northbound curbside lane are often not expected to continue straight through the intersection. However, as analysis has shown that this would nearly double the northbound straight through queue length during all periods of the day, this was not recommended.

I appreciate residents reaching out to my office with their concerns regarding the intersection, and encourage residents to contact my office by emailing me at or by phoning me at 613-580-2476 should they have any further questions or concerns.